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Missed me?

Posted on 26.10.2006 at 23:58
Missed me? Yeah, I've been around. Still with the ever wonderful boy, still working shit hours...the usual.

Seeing Less Than Jake on Nov 2, and Dino's exams finish on the 6th, so its drinking for 2 days...then Im working every single day until the 13th when I LEAVE FOR BYRON BAY!!!!!!


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Boys are fuckwits.

Posted on 23.08.2006 at 17:19
Especially the ones you call your bestf riends.

Especially the ones who stand you up after you've made plans.

Especiall the ones who just don't give a fuck anymoe.

If by any chance you stumble accross this? I hate you. You never apologise becase you never think you do anything wrong. I change my plans to hang out with you and this is what you do to me. But this is the last time. I'm over it. I don't need you.

I'm a short fuse burning...

Posted on 18.08.2006 at 16:21
Feeling kinda...: depresseddepressed
Itshappening again.

I did it again. It felt good. Now I hate myself.
Hahaha. I suck.

*Stabby rip stab stab*


Posted on 30.07.2006 at 22:10
i feel like crap.

that is all.

Who missed me?! :D

Posted on 09.07.2006 at 00:51
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So le past few days have been AWESOME.

Met up with Teigan in the city, which was UBER rad, and we bought ugly hats and shopped and then had issues with transport to Newtown :D

I finally told my Mum about Dino, and she took it wel actually. It'll be good, no more lies as to why I'm in the city! However, Dad does want to meet him.

Today Dino and I went to the Zoo :D Was SO much fun! He's s cute, and we saw Hippos :D And we got te worlds cutest hippo toy!

Tonight was toby's 21st, MASH theme. Was so rad but had to say goodbye to le boy, as he is off to the snow (drivin there now as we speak, at 1am in the morning) until next monday. So cute, I sms'd him, tellng him to drive safe, and I'll miss him and he replied with "xoxo xoxo xoxo will feel like a lifetime" :D 

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Posted on 04.07.2006 at 15:48
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Feeling kinda...: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
Skanking to....: Hold On, I'm Coming - Eric Clapton & BB King
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I took Dane on a mini picnic today. He's been so down n stuff lately. I hope it cheered him up a little, he thanked me heaps for it. I don't really know what to do to make hikm happy agai. He tells me he's come to a point in his life when he's realised he's changing and starting to growup. Not getting along with people he used to, getting differant interests, and its all just a bit weird for him.

He;s applied for this new job and I really really hope he gets it, or even an interview just so his spirits get raised just that little bit...

Plans for the next few days?

Wednesday: Hanging at home during the day, might go hang with Dane. At night am having a few girls over for board games, champagne and such. Will be a lot of fun :D

Thursday: Meeting Teigs in the city! w00t! Goig to be fabulous! Then am meeting up with Dino at night for dinner :)

Friday: Work, then takihng the cousins to see Pirates of the Carribean 2....should be fun :P

Saturday: ZOOOOOO!!! with le loverly Dino, then Toby's 21st party.....then saying bye bye to Dino for 9 days cause he's going to the snow, then working and then I'm working but then I get to see him after that :P

Sunday: Church and may hang with Elise, take some photos n such.

Yay! I love being happy :)



Posted on 15.06.2006 at 10:41
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Skanking to....: Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
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I have a headache. My back hurts. NSW lost the SOO last night. Its cold.


I received a package this morning :)

Beautrifu suede black boots!! My friend Christian sent them to me case he heard I was feeling poopy! He's such a gem,. they are simply gorgeous and they fit perfectly!!

Will post photos later.

Right now, I have a date with another blood test.


Another episode in the quest for the retarded kidney...

Posted on 22.05.2006 at 23:54
Current Location: Bed
Feeling kinda...: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Skanking to....: My dog snoring....
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Ok, so I went to the Radiologists this morning for my Ultrasound. I had to have a full bladder, and not pee between 7:15 and 9:15am. So when I got there, I was BUSTING, but first they had to do the ultrasound on the bladder, so they are rolling this thing and pushing on my bladder and I'm telling myself "Don't pee....don't pee.....don't pee" and finally she tells me to "Release my bladder" and I do this horrendous waddle/run thing up the hall way.

It was, the best pee I had ever done. Honestly.

Then they had to do my kidneys which HURT like a motherfu.....

So there I am, lying on my side with 3 doctors having a go, rolling around on me (uh rolling the roller thing I mean...) and talking about me behind my back...literally. Its weird to hear people talk ABOUT you when your like, right there....

So I felt just crap, so I went and bought a pineapple juice to try and stop my dizziness. Came home, called Mum and she suggested I have a nap. So.....4 and a half hours later I wake from my nap and Mum's come home. Still feel crook but am picking up the results tomorrow and seeing the doctor again on Wednesday. Fun fun fun.

Pat and I's 4 month yesterday. We got to work together and we made animals out of cork from the champagne bottles. He made me a sailor and a hippo and I made a "pretty party pony".

:) It was a very very quiet night at the Etta..........

I hate life.

Posted on 18.05.2006 at 22:04
Feeling kinda...: crushedin pain
Skanking to....: The Horses - D. Braithwaite
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"Thats the way its gonna be little darling,
we'll be riding on the horses yeah, yeah,
way up in the sky little darling,
And if you fall, I'll pick you up, I'll pick you up...."

I can't stop listening to this song, and I don;t know why.

I feel so alone at the moment, like I don't know where I stand with anyone. Pat's mad at me, Dane doesn't care...

Rose said a special prayer for me tonight at our Youth meeting, and asked for Angels to watch me, I really hope I get that strength for tomorrow.

I feel so.....useless. I don't know what to do except cry...

"And if you fall, I'll pick you up...." I wish I had someone to pick me up....

Just cause Erin deserves to be a tag again....

Posted on 16.05.2006 at 22:58
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Skanking to....: Nothing
Erin is Rad.
Erin likes Fireworks.
Erin has rad hair (well, did the last time I saw her....don't know if its still at it's Rad-ness)
Erin has hot guy friends.
Erin has a hot boyfriend.
Erin us UBER cool (thats right, Uber)


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